9 Great Postcards with QR Codes for Your Needs

Postcards are already popular back then as a way for people to catch up while showing the beautiful places they have visited. Postcards serve as memorabilia for most people to commemorate the amazing time visiting a particular place.

Nowadays, postcards with QR codes are on the rise, with the marriage of the analog past and the digital present. With the QR codes printed on the postcards, you can add more information about what’s already printed there that could not make it to the actual print.

We know it’s a cool thing to have, and your hands are itching to get you some of these. Here are our nine recommended picks for the best postcards with QR codes:

This postcard is perfect for small business owners because this can double as a calling card and a promotional flyer that you can hand to your buyers along with their products. Use the QR code to link your official website or social media accounts.

You can use the QR code on these postcards to give them an e-voucher as a gift for their birthday. You can also use it to direct them to a video greeting, your official website, or anything else.

This discount postcard can come in handy as you use the QR code to give your customers the discounted coupon or the code they need to key in on the checkout page to save more on their purchases.

Models can use it as their casting card, where the QR code hosts their whole portfolio. You can choose your best photo to be printed on the postcards, then hand it over to casting directors and photographers for successful go-sees.

You can use this postcard to showcase your business, particularly if you own a bed and breakfast or an Airbnb listing. Use the QR code to lead them to the Airbnb listing page for faster and more efficient booking.

Hiring companies can use the QR code to lead the people to their application page or their full job listing should they want to apply for a job.

Real estate agents can use the QR code on the website to lead prospective clients to their website or other offerings.

Use it as your oversized calling card, with the QR code leading to your official LinkedIn account or your website for your portfolio.

Use your QR code to lead your customers to a Google Maps link to ensure they will follow you when you move to your new location.

Spa owners and aesthetic clinic managers can use the QR code on their postcards to give discounts, lead them to their official social media accounts, or show them more comprehensive information about their services.

Indeed, postcards with a printed QR code can serve so many purposes, which is very beneficial to business owners and their customers.

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