12 Attractive Soft Touch Business Cards

Do you want your business cards to be more appealing? You can do so by using Soft Touch printing. It is cutting-edge coating technique gives a distinctive and luxurious finish. Businesses associated with beauty and spas are suitable for this type of method. Here are 12 Beauty and Spa business cards that will surely gain you a lot of clients.

It is a given that when skincare is involved natural essentials are a given. This image features multiple flowers and leaves that represent safe and organic beauty products.

The tranquility of the forest is often related to calm and peace. And to achieve this type of relaxation, a visit to your favorite spa should be in order.

The color green is a color that the eyes find refreshing to look at. So if you want to capture the attention of potential clients, you can choose this color to represent the business.

Besides the color green, earth tones are also a good reference for nature. That is why this light Earth tone business card is equally attractive. It is appealing to the eyes and has an attractively simple design.

As a service provider, you want your clients to feel they are fully taken care of. Using this business card with a crown emblem will assure customers that they will be treated like royalty once they visit your establishment.

The location of your business is an important detail that should be included in business cards. Placing the date of when you started is also a plus. It builds confidence when the potential clients see that you have been around for a long time.

Pictures can say a lot about the nature of your establishment. Therefore if you are offering a massage service then this business card is for you. It also saved the client the trouble of figuring out what you can do for them.

Butterflies and flowers are symbols of beauty. And this is how everyone visiting your beauty spa should feel after their programs are done.

Is your expertise in nail care? Then this design is for you. The image directly informs the customer what service you are giving. The healthy-looking nails and french tips on this design are very eye-catching.

Your beauty regimen, of course, involves proper hair care. Show clients that you know how to take care of their crowning glory with this business card.

To be able to relax in a tropical paradise is everyone’s dream. Presenting this business card, customers will feel that the service you offer is the same as those they can get in any vacation spot.

Water is a symbol of relaxation and revitalization. The blue motif is also appealing to refreshing to look and will attract people seeking beauty and spa treatments.

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