8 Save The Date Cards Designs For Your Big Day Announcement

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A wedding is a big deal to most people. It is a really exciting day, but it needs a lot of preparation to plan everything, in order to be the happiest you can be with the final result. Even the smallest thing, has to be special and reflect the couple. Save the date cards are a really simple and sweet way to announce your big day to your favorite people and give them a glimpse of the atmosphere of your wedding.

If you want to find some inspiration for your save-the-date cards, we have covered 8 different styles for you to choose from.

This type of saving the date card is going to make a statement for sure, because of its strong image. It will work as memorabilia for you and your special people, too. Like a gorgeous, professional picture of the two of you that will remind you always of your beautiful day.

Beautiful flower or plant branches, framing a romantic picture of you two, will warm the hearts of all your guests. There is a strong, peaceful, nostalgic feeling attached to this image.

Simple but yet classy, this style would be perfect if your wedding falls into the elegant category. Your names are the focal point of the cards, giving attention to what is important.

here is something really romantic with vintage style. Choosing a paper with texture and some dreamy graphic designs, in addition to pale color typography, you will have some unique save-the-date cards.

If you are more of a minimalist, there is no better option than a simple card, with nice black typography and all the important information on top without other distractions. An effective and clear option.

For those of you who want to share your romance with the world, a card with a sweet color base, elegant typography, and a sweet picture of the couple in the middle, will do the trick

If you and your partner are artistic souls, the most appropriate option for you is to create an interesting composition of photos, colors, textures, designs, and typography on your save the date cards, that will reflect your personalities.

these types of cards are adding a pop of color on a minimal option. They are a great idea if you would like to give a hint for your wedding event to your guests. For instance, if you are getting married by the sea, you can add a see drawing, or if you chose an open space in the fields, you can add flowers.

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