8 Holiday Custom Decor That Brightens Up Your House

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The holiday season is coming and one of the common things people do is to decorate their house. This decor can lighten up the house and make someone smile with a happy memory. Today we will see 8 types of holiday custom decor that you can use as a gift or in your house.

A customized wall calendar for your use and to make people smile with its personalization.

* Comes in 3 sizes ( Mini 6.5″x8.5″, classic 8.5″x11″, large 11.5″x14.5″)
* Satin paper stock included
* using 150 DPI resolution

The perfect and colorful mug as a gift and as a decor.

* Microwave safe
* Made with ceramic and 11oz capacity
* Comes in 8 colors
* Can be personalized with photo

The custom printed picture for the perfect moment in our life.

* Comes in 5 sizes
* Comes in 2 frame options
* built-in hangers included
* fade-proof
* the picture can be uploaded from any device

The perfect memory lane for our family and friends to remember.

* Comes in 7 sizes and layout
* Full-color printing (24 – 120 pages)
* 2 cover options (linen or photo)
* Hardcore binding
* online and offline design options

A personalized calendar for your family and to check on important events every month.

* glossy stock included
* Comes in a single size

A pillow for comfort with a family photo attached, Heals a broken heart.

* Comes in 2 sizes
* 100% polyester pillow
* zipper-free
* Upload photo on single or both side

Custom coater with photos to use when drinking with family and friends.

* 4″x4″ square size
* 125″ thickness
* reusable and hefty
* Upload any photo

A bottle that can be used for yourself and as a gift to others.

* Comes in 8 colors
* printed picture wrap around
* made from stainless steel with copper insulation
* keep drinks colder or hotter

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