12 Thank You Cards that Guarantee your Gratitude is Well Given

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Saying thank you is something that, in polite society, is done every day. However, when someone genuinely goes out of their way to help, support, sponsor, or come to your aid, it’s nice to go the extra mile when sending thanks. The 12 Thank You cards below do just that, to let that special someone know you genuinely appreciate them.

This card will be much appreciated after a child’s baby shower or birthday party! It’s got a cute clothing design that’s sure to please all who receive it and four colors to customize it to your child.

This card features a halo of lovely flowers with your message of thanks front and center. Emboss it with silver or gold to add an extra touch of grace to your graciousness.

If you or your progeny have just graduated from school, this card is the best! It comes in 7 colors to match your class and features a pic of the gracious grad on the front!

This card is an excellent choice to keep your business top of mind. There’s a spot for your picture, logo, and details on the front. Also, it comes in 4 professional colors. It’s perfect for promoting yourself and your business.

This creative card lets you give thanks with a splash of color after your wedding or engagement party. Silver or gold embossed foil empowers you to amp up gratitude!

You can customize this artsy business “thank you” card with 10 colors and your logo. It can also come with rounded edges to make it stand out even more.

This 2-sided card is simply stunning, with a starfield in the night sky. It can also be embossed with either gold or silver to set the stunning to sensational!

You can customize this card with 4 serene and calming colors, including burgundy, deep blue, emerald green, and passionate purple.

This card is as bold as they come, jet black with bright yellow lettering. It’s sure to catch the attention of all you send it to and gets your point across in a big, bold way. There’s also a spot on the front for the recipient’s name, and you can fully customize the interior with images and words.

If a quick “thank you” for any reason is what you desire to send, this card is perfect. Its bright, happy colors will brighten up the recipient’s day with a sweet splash of color.

If you just got hitched and want to thank all your family and friends, this card is a great choice. It’s postcard-style in that it’s two-sided only. You can, of course, replace the card’s image with one from your wedding or reception. Also, for an extra touch of class, you can have it gold or silver embossed!

Simple but classy, this business thank you card has room for your business name on the front. Inside, there’s a spot for your business logo and custom text to let your customer or client know just how much you appreciate their business. Classic!

We hope you enjoyed today’s dozen “thank you” cards and that one of them has delighted you entirely! VistaPrint has dozens more on their website, so if none of the cards float your particular boat today, no worries! If you have questions, leave your name and contact info, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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