Top 5 Functional, Durable Sofas to Spice Up Your Living Room Décor

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When last did you use a sofa? Did you remember what you were doing there? Most importantly, how did the sofa make you feel?

Quite frankly, we spend so much time on sofas – and so deserve to have the best experience every time. Sadly, not every sofa on the market sofa can make and keep good on such a promise.

Fortunately, all of the picks on this list have been specially tailored to give you a memorable, unique experience – every single time.

The very first thing you are bound to notice on the Nia Pin Tufted Convertible Sofa is the beautiful, rich, deep blue coloration. That is achieved by the meshing of velvet and polyester, giving rise to a surface so soft and smooth to the touch.

Beyond basic aesthetics, this sofa is also highly functional. When you are not busy hosting guests in the day, it converts into a bed in the night – and comfortably sleeps two!

You might feel that the standard design on this Celestia Rolled Arm Sofa is familiar, but that is the kind of familiarity that brings comfort.

Comfort from knowing this sofa is large enough to hold your family when hanging out on a Friday night. Comfort to know that the microfiber material is specially tailored to allow breathability and still feel great against your skin.

Just the kind of comfort you deserve.

Sporting plush sofa foams and a beautiful color to match, the sofa will naturally fit well with most home décor options.

One look at this unit, and you would know why it is called the Loveseat.

What’s there not to love, anyways? The purple color – especially how it has been blended in different shades to create the right overall effect – is just right. The choice of upholstery design is subliminal. And oh, the polyester material is one of the best things you can ever want to rest against.

Complete that with the natural flair of the Haiden Standard Loveseat to make a statement in any room it walks into, and we have an all-season winner on our hands.

Why go for the standalone package when you can have something that complements your living area extensively? Because, the latter is what you get with this Georgetown Reversible Sectional with Ottoman. 

This unit takes the sofa game to the next level by coming with enough options to fill the rest of your living too. The choice of faux leather meshed with microfiber / microsuede is great, but the sofa’s brown coloration with black detailing provides a better eye candy.

Finish that off with the fact that this unit can be configured/ arranged in different ways to suit your style, and it seems too good to be true. Oh, did we mention that it comes with a throw pillow?

For those looking for something simple enough, yet very practical, look no further than the Benitez Convertible Sofa. Made from totally neutral colors, you have nothing to fear about how this sofa will look against your primary décor.

With an upholstery made from faux leather, the wooden frame of this unit is sturdy enough to hold its own. The design is just that it is big enough to hold a considerable number of people while not being too big that it takes up needed floor space.

Making good use of space, blending well with the background and ranking high on durability, you can never go wrong with this pick.

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