Sleeping in Style: Top 5 Beds for Kids, Teens and Adults

Beds have long been a serious part of important home furniture. Today, they have grown so much from items that you could just lay on at the end of the day to highly functional units designed to meet your sleeping needs.

That means all of improved support, premium material, memory foam and so much more.

That said, you should know that much thought goes into choosing a great bed. We have done all the hardwork for you and come up with five (5) of the best beds to give you a great value for your money – plus some of the best night’s rests too.

There is one amazing thing about the traditional beds – how they combined the offering of sturdiness to their high functionality. That is the same thing this Andover Mills Matheney Platform Bed does, but with a special twist to it.

On the unit, you get a classical feel married to a modern touch for the overall effects. Coming with an integrated support system to eliminate the need for box springs or foundation, this is the ideal fit for any kid’s room.

Purchasing elegance doesn’t always have to mean breaking the bank – as made evident by our choice of the Noelie Queen Upholstered Panel Bed. 

From the name, you can already find out that the bed (headboard) is upholstered. What you might not know is that the upholstery material is of the finest polyester blend – smooth to the touch and gentle on the skin.

The entire frame is constructed from fine wood to infuse style and elegance into your master bedroom. Complete with clean-lined silhouette across the base, you cannot go wrong with this option.

Before you go ahead to say this is just another upholstered bed, it isn’t. In fact, the Colby Upholstered Platform Bed shines brighter in the choice of design and frame it has opted for.

The frame is made from a unique combination of metal and plastic, ending up with the upholstered headboard which infuses a great deal of beauty into the setup. The choice of colors could not have been better – sparkling white meshed with a stunning dark grey hue for an overall effect.

Each unit also ships with metal slats to prop up the bed, eliminating the need for squeaky box springs.

If there was a price you were willing to pay for style, you should shell it out on the Bombay Platform Bed. One look at it, and you will be captivated by the simplicity of this bed.

It doesn’t try to do too much all at once, capturing just the essence of what a beautiful sleeping space should look like and running with that.

The steel frame makes it a sturdy pick, but it does more than just that. The head and footboards are specially detailed to carry defining designs on them.

Completed with a white paintjob, this could easily be the best thing to have happened to your teen’s room

What if we told you that you didn’t have to trade your love for sleigh beds just to get one with upholstery? Because, that is the kind of unique combination you are offered on this Ballwin Upholstered Sleigh Bed.

The upholstery runs from the headboard all the way to the footboard, bringing a touch of class and modern artistry to your master bedroom. That is only bettered by the lush foam, perfectly seated inside a beautiful, well-crafted and sturdy wooden frame.

Propping up with a box spring after setup, this is not the kind of bed to give you just ANY sleep. This is the unit that guarantees you THE kind of sleep you want.

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