Lights, Class, Action: 5 Best Table Lamps to Pick for Your Home

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Table lamps are more than just a fad. In fact, they are one piece of equipment that we believe every home should have.

Contributing to the home décor with their impressive aesthetics while being functional at the same time, they provide one of the best values for money when fitting your house.

If you have also been in the market for a table lamp, below are five (5) of the absolute best that you should pick.

The Zainab 19.5” Table Lamp shines (all pun intended) in offering a simple lighting solution for a variety of needs. The lamp is made of fabric on a flat design that pronounces the character of any room it is placed in.

Featuring a base charging cell (which can be used to juice your iPhones, iPads and cell phones), a variety of colours ensure you can pick the right fit for your home/ room décor.

For those who love to collect antiques (vases) and would still love to have a table lamp to call their own, this Guildford 27” Table Lamp makes that possible.

The choice of ceramic for the base of this table lamp helps infuse the feel of premium into your living space. Complete with modern clean lines to complement the retro vase style, the multi-hued unit will make your home colours pop even more.

We know that not everyone would prefer the classical table lamp style. That is why we have chosen this Keystone Lantern 19” Desk Lamp which provides a more modern feel while retaining the same functionality.

Specially designed for the desk, it is a nice addition to a kid’s room for when they need late-night illumination. Featuring an all metal-body design and hardened bulb shell casing, this table lamp is as sturdy as can be.

Why get one table lamp when you can cop three, right? That is the idea behind the Gambier 3 Piece Table and Floor Lamp Set. 

The trio of amazing, aesthetically-pleasing lamps can be arranged together for a uniform effect or spread around the house to provide a unified experience in different rooms. With a carefully cut and crafted top, the timeless design on this unit lights up any room it is placed in.

Table lamps almost look the same in build, but the Badis 16.25” Torchiere Lamp opts out of that model to do something special.

The beautiful unit starts with a sturdy metallic base from which a flower-like formation is built. Aptly enough, the bulb is being held in the petals of the flower.

Whenever this one is not in use, it still provides great décor for your tables and desks.

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