Home “Upgrades” You Will Regret and Find Hilarious

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of completing a home improvement project. After all, these projects can improve your living space and give you a sense of pride in your home. But what happens when things go awry? Ranging from DIY disasters to botched complications, numerous horror tales exist.

So, join us as we travel through some of the most hilarious, cringe-worthy, and unforgettable home renovation fails. You won’t want to skip these stories, we promise!

Lazy Landlord or Creative Genius?

Have you ever moved into a new place and discovered a preserved cockroach on the wall? No? One tenant did, and it wasn’t what they were expecting. Sure, having a bug gazing at you from the wall is gross, but it’s also adorable, right? I mean, the little guy appears to be tap dancing!

Source: Reddit

Who needs a cat or a dog when you have such a stoic best friend? And hey, when you need someone to talk to, you know who’s always there to listen (even if they can’t speak back). Maybe this landlord was onto something…

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