9 Area Rugs That Will Go Perfectly with Your Home

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One of the most underrated parts of a home is the rug. While, for many, a rug may not seem particularly important to the area’s overall aesthetic, in reality, it is the cornerstone piece that ultimately sets the tone for the entire room. A rug can instantly turn an otherwise plain room into something amazing… or it can turn a beautiful area into something that has you scratching your head.

A beautiful and sophisticated design that works together with pretty much any decor. Made in Turkey, this rug will work in every room of your home, be it the living room, dining room, office, or library.

Known as “The Rug” in the New York Times, this beautiful Moroccan Trellis rug has a design that is well-loved and highly praised by virtually everyone that has laid eyes on it.

100% handmade, this jute rug is equal parts stylish as it is environmentally friendly. It has a warm look that can go with pretty much any room or area you can think of.

Made from a luxurious blend of jute and cotton, this handwoven rug is truly an optimal choice for any person. Great in busy areas, this rug gives any location that added a bit of style to make it truly stand out.

This braided rug has a large number of different colors and sizes to choose from. What’s more, it is one of the few on this list that looks and works well whether inside or outside the house.

Perfect for those interested in the contemporary look, this rug is incredibly fashionable and goes great in dens, living rooms, and other high-traffic areas.

Truly fitting its name, this vintage rug gives off the feeling of a deep gray mist that gives any home a more soft and muted look as a result.

Designed with a beautiful yet mysterious floral pattern, this ivory-colored area rug truly gives off the feeling and ambiance of wealthy contemporary.

A great option for those with families and children as well as single couples. This rug’s design offers a sense of luxury and refinement while also being incredibly durable and performance-driven. Ultimately, it is perfect for any home or indoor environment.

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