7 Gorgeous Products That Will Bless Your Home

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These seven unique items from Minted work accent, enhance, and create fresh beauty within your home.

The soft, natural tones in Blue Sage No. 3 are accented ever so slightly with a ripple of gold, creating a tranquil sense of peace within any room adorned with Blue Sage No. 3.

Nothing is more on-trend than charcuterie boards, and with this pale pink, beautifully crafted piece of porcelain ceramic, any guest would relish the board just as much as the charcuterie itself. With a myriad of uses, this whimsical marbled tray will modernize anything it holds.

Revamp the age-old activity of puzzle solving with a fresh, personalized version unique to you and your family. The options are only limited by your creativity through the personalization offered with this product.

Nothing is as special as home, an idea celebrated by this stylish and classic line art depiction of your home. Little else deserves to be memorialized as much as home does, and with the different colors and framing options available, everyone’s house will get a chance to shine in its best light.

Christmas is knocking at our doors right now, and with this unique, intriguing wrapping paper, your gifts will almost be too pretty to open. The calm array of colors contrasts beautifully with the gold foil, creating an overall effect that can only add to whatever it hides beneath.

A wooden sculpture that screams with originality and cool style, promising to elevate any room from ordinary to extraordinary. Its stark presence immediately draws the attention of the eye, holding it fast until its every whirl and bend can be properly examined.

The varying color options available in this cheery, bright design ensure a perfect match in any room. Subtle design can be used to soften harsher designs or liven duller arrangements, making this pillow a true fit for every room.

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