6 Washable Rugs Perfect For Your Room Harmony

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More often than not, rugs are not given the time of day. However, believe it or not, rugs do tend to make or break the overall look of a place. Having the perfect design will give a room the perfect harmony one can ask for. Nevertheless, rugs are also fairly expensive. Why? This is due to many things including the size and material.

Most rugs are considered washable unless it was specifically stated on the tag it isn’t, but this still doesn’t remove the doubt in some people; Which is completely understandable as they paid a lot for one beautiful rug.

Here are six washable rugs that can easily be included in your design:

The clean design of the washable rug can fit into any sophisticated room and still give it a nice accent. This specific rug is pet-friendly which makes it perfect for pet owners. This piece is also spill and stain-resistant which makes it perfect for families with little kids going around the house.

This rug’s design has a more exotic feel to it which makes it perfect for areas you want to add a dash of nature in. The Jungle Washable Rug would also look great outdoors at the patio accompanied by potted plants around the area.

Similar to the previous two, the Alexis Trellis Washable Rug is also spill and stain-resistant and is pet friendly! There are two available colors to suit your taste, black, and navy. There are also three sizes available for rectangle choices.

Unlike the previous rugs, the Alphabet Nursery Washable Rug is only available as a round rug. This rug is perfect for, as the name suggests, a nursery or a child’s room. Not only with they have the comfort of the rug, but it can also help them learn the alphabet easier.

Compared to the other rugs’ designs, the Faux Sheepskin Shag Rug is more on the plain side without extravagant designs. It is a rug that boasts its color; It has three available colors such as white, light gray, and pink

Another rug on the list that would be perfect for children’s rooms or a house filled with child-like charm. The handprint design will give off a child-like atmosphere needed in houses.

Overall, there are many rugs that will be perfect for certain styles and atmospheres. Luckily there are tons and tons of washable rugs available for every person.

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