10 Awesome Rugs Your House Needs To Stand Out This Year

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If you’ve ever thought about making your home stand out as something truly special, investing time and energy in furniture and decorations may not be the best option. Instead, consider looking into a luxury rug. Rugs not only flow well with a room, but they also help stage the general ambiance. Below, we’ve found 10 amazing rugs that you should have for your home this year.

Beautifully handwoven, this Chaste area rug is made from a jute and cotton blend and works for any space, be it the living room, bedroom, or office space.

Entirely handmade, this rug is made completely out of environmentally friendly jute. It is perfect for those that would like a more neutral and warm look for their home to complement the rest of their furniture.

Also known as “The Rug”, the Gray Moroccan Trellis is an amazing area rug that originates in Turkey. Its unique look and amazing design have made it a best-seller all around the world.

Perfect for those that want to get lost in their Zen, the Gray Mist Shades Area Rug is equal parts traditional as it is modern. Its calming design naturally causes everyone that sees it to relax, making it one you’ll definitely love for your home.

Unlike others on this list, the Tan Solid Braided Rug works either indoors or outdoors. As it is made from a braided and weaved material, it is highly durable and can withstand the outside elements while still retaining its amazing look.

Designed with an ornate and incredible medallion pattern, this rug looks and feels very much the definition of royalty. For those looking for a modern spin on a classic look, go no further than this rug here.

One of the more classy and stylish rug options for your bedroom or living room, this bordered rug is made using 100% seagrass and feels great to walk over and touch. If you love the look and feel of a quality rug, this is something you’ll definitely be interested in.

A beautiful Persian rug inspired by the vintage look, this is something for those that love the classic and traditional style of rugs.

Inspired by real labyrinths, this rug feels amazingly soft while surprisingly durable and very, very elegant.

Rounding off our list, the Gray Starfish and Stripes is a great area rug that looks amazing, is pet-friendly, and has a fun and aquatic design of a starfish. Definitely worth getting for your home if you’re out by the shore or a body of water.

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